Stephen Frank was born in South Africa and qualified in 1978 in Homeopathy and Naturecure at Lindlahr College, Johannesburg. He practised both disciplines, along with massage, in Johannesburg for five years before moving to England in 1983. He continued this work in London, at Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms, Covent Garden for eight years before setting up a private practice.

Although originally a homeopath, many of his clients see him to simply talk things through. Some don't have physical symptoms but just feel distress in their lives. He works with Homeopathic, Radionic and Bach Flower Remedies and pays attention to diet, where relevant.

Counselling & Dreamwork

Homeopathy does not treat diseases as such, but rather the person and the particular way each of us individually manifests specific symptoms.There is always a story behind any presenting symptoms. And there is a deeper story at the root of everyone's life. Stephen has always been interested in discovering the underlying story. This has led to an lifetime exploration of the roots of pain and suffering in his patients' lives. Coming to some understanding of this story, this 'personal myth' gives one a context and a sense of personal meaning, which lends power to the healing process.

Supporting the awakening awareness of one's own story with Homeopathic, Radionic and Bach Flower Remedies speeds up the healing process considerably.