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The painting we bought now has pride of place on the lounge wall. The lounge is a really bright room and the colours shine and change shade over the course of the day. When I am in the lounge the painting lifts my spirits and reminds me of being free and expansive. I often wonder what the people in the paiting are thinking but my views change from day to day! All the best, Liz and Graham
Graham Burns, London, UK

Every time I look there is something new and different. Your paintings and sculptures are wonderful and refreshing always. love cris
Cris Costello, Springfield MA, USA

Love the website. The work looks terrific! Your intro is beautiful.
Lisette, New York, NY USA

I found your work very interesting and enjoyed your site. Tina
Tina Kunst, cda, Id

Very exciting and delightful to find the place at last and stimulating and inspiring to see the paintings.
Isabel Sharp, London, UK

There's some really wonderful work here. I think some of my favourites are Little Man, Boar and Carsissal.
Nina Frank, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa