I began experimenting with paints and pastels 29 years ago, following them, listening to them, allowing my own style to emerge. Only years later did I teach myself to draw. The name I use on my artwork, Luiz, 'arrived' with my style.

In 1997, feeling stuck with my style, I knocked on the door of Kingsgate Workshops in West Hampstead, looking for someone to teach me to sculpt. I thought sculpture would be a good way to bring new life to my painting. Little did I know that sculpture itself would become my main focus. Chris Bramble has his studio there and he has taught me much of what I know about working in clay. In 2004 I began casting some of my better sculptures in bronze. During all the years I carried on painting too, but it's only recently that I feel that what I originally was looking for when I knocked on that door all those years ago has begun to emerge in my painting.

When I sculpt my inspiration comes from ideas, the imagination, situations. But it doesn't stop there; it carries on even while I'm working, so that a sculpture can end up in quite a different place to its original concept. This is one of the reasons I love working in clay; it gives me a freedom I can't imagine finding in another medium.

  • In the 90's I held two successful exhibitions of my paintings and pastels at The Coffee Gallery in Museum Street, next to the British Museum.

  • Lewisham College has bought a painting, some pastels a ceramic and a bronze sculpture for their permanent exhibition.

  • I have a number of paintings on permanent loan to Violet Hill Studios, St John's Wood.

  • I've exhibited paintings and sculptures in group shows with Talsiman Fine Art and have had artwork displayed at John Denham's Gallery, both in West Hampstead

  • A large number of my sculptures were part of the opening of Shanti Gallery, King's Langley, and remained on display and were sold from there for almost a year.

  • I've exhibited at the Art Emporium a number times.

  • I was invited to exhibit a number of sculptures at the first opening of The Inspirational Arts Festival

  • At present I'm exploring the possibility of scaling up one of my bronzes, Ariela, to lifesize and turning it into a fountain. I would also like to see The Empty Chair scaled up in a public place.

  • Ariela and The Night Before are currently on display, for sale at Hangups Gallery, St John's Wood.

  • Heron is currently on display and for sale at Chilstone's Sculpture Park

  • My sculptures and paintings are now in private collections on three continents.
  • You can contact me at 167 Walm Lane, London NW2 3AY
    Tel/Fax: +44 (0)20 8450-4226

    I also work as a Homeopath, Radionicist Counsellor,and Naturopath. To see that CV click here